Our Services

Our services assist you with taking our business and project acumen and applying good practices that enable smart business. We enable those that are setting high expectations for themselves, their businesses, and their communities.

Project and Program
Support & Oversight

We provide project services from simple to complex. Understanding projects and how to be effective in delivering results is important to everyone. Having the right resources to identify challenges and risks to develop the best pathway for mastering your project is essential. Managing and executing on your plan is also essential to get the best results. We are experts at helping others take a concept to reality. Our consultants can work with you every step of the way ... or just where you need the additional support to get results. We can help you frame up the options, select an approach and enable you to execute on your plan. Put our experience to work for you today!


Everyone has the capability to learn and most people want to take every advantage of making the most out of a learning experience. Learning from others accelerates the knowledge that a person possesses and provides more information to access situations and make decisions. Influencing others and decision making becomes more important as your career progresses from an individual contributor into management and leadership roles. Business coaches enable leaders every day with new perspectives and innovative concepts to fuel and take advantage of the fast-paced marketplace. If you are thinking about how to get an edge on the competition, a professional coach may be a smart investment. Learning from others and investing in you pays big dividends for people who want more and set high expectations for themselves. Take the steps you need to learn today and lead tomorrow!

Public Speaking and Seminars

We provide programs and offer speakers for various topics that are related to our core experiences and business offerings including innovation, project management, program management, business consulting and leadership. Our experienced professionals have addressed technical and professional institutes, organizations, universities and societies in meeting and workshop venues. We integrate our experience into key themes and topics that relate to the client's topic and their target audience. Our capabilities include presentation formats for large and small group settings at the request of the client. Strategic ... Smart ... Innovative ... contact us today!

Training and Adult Learning

What if you need just-in-time training for you, your sponsor or your team? We have capabilities to deliver on individual processes and proven approaches to learning in most management areas including project, program and portfolio management. We have capabilities to direct training from affiliates who have deep roots in technical and engineering processes and can help you find the right mix of training execution for individual contributors, managers of people and executives. Learn from us and let's get started today!

Project and Program Management

Results as well as holding the bottom line are both required to be successful and we provide support services that are measurable and set high expectations for your operation or project. Engage us for a new project or process or to get a fresh look at an existing one. Learn from our vast experience that can help move from good to great. A troubled program or project is always a challenge and by allowing us an opportunity to review your situation may be the difference between success and failure. Applying experience in process, metrics, resources and implementation will fast-track your team on a shortened path to success. We are experts at helping others improve performance. Our consultants can work with you every step of the way ... or just where you need the additional support to get results. We can help you initiate, plan, implement, measure and manage your project or program. Put our experience to work for you today!

Grant Writing and Proposals

Do you need support for document development to secure new work or obtain funds? We are available to work with you to develop grant submittals, technical project proposals and other work products and process documents that hit the mark with on-time delivery. Whether it’s a technical proposal, service delivery plan, operations support plan, strategic program plan or work management plan/schedule, we can help.

We have experience in a broad set of markets including information technology, energy, and telecommunications and can bring resources to bear that have valuable experience and talents in developing ideas to make your submittal stand out. Let us help you with proven capabilities. Let's get started today!


Business Planning and Strategy

Execution on business plans and understanding the marketplace are the essentials needed to succeed in a business venture. There is a lot to know and do when establishing a business or when a next strategic investment in a business is needed to make the jump to the next level. Situational input is very important for developing an unbiased appraisal and assessing a plan for action. Let us help with our in-depth consulting experience to add value in developing your plans. Our methods are proven and based upon best-of-breed business practices. You don't have to be an expert in business, but just know the right resources to apply to help you accomplish your dreams. Let us put you out in front of the competition. Give us a call today!