About Us

We Are Focused

On bringing our capabilities to the world by leveraging our experiences through collaborative endeavors with others.  We provide support and expertise for projects, project management, business planning and management in a variety of business sectors which are based upon sound management principles. Our business plans are written plainly to serve the purpose of easy understanding and quick implementation.

Our Consulting Services

Are intended to pass along ‘lessons learned’ from years of experience that will enable others. We incorporated HEI with the mission to pass along what we’ve learned and to help others continue to be successful. Our objective is to encourage our clients to set high expectations for not only themselves but the people they interact with. 

HEI, LLC Provides…

We are determined to look for opportunities which will provide value to the people and organizations we serve. HEI, LLC has been established to enable people and provide influence, experience and acceleration to those who aspire to achieve and exceed their goals.

The Opportunity to Work with Dedicated and Accomplished People
There is nothing more exciting than working with people who are interested in making a difference, changing the world and accomplishing great things. Most people need assistance, and HEI, LLC equips them with innovative concepts which support sound and efficient project development/ program execution.

Getting Started and Following Through
The first step is always to make a decision to engage and then to equip yourself with the right resources to do the job. At HEI, LLC, we muster our experience, resources and knowledge to effectively produce results.